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Enhance Your Life with Binaural Beats


Having problems falling asleep or overcoming an addiction? Looking for an easier way to go into meditation? Want to enhance your performance in a particular area? The solution can lie in binaural beats.


Binaural beats are one of the most popular audio sources used in brainwave entrainment. Also known as or brainwave synchronization, brainwave entrainment is a method that uses audio or visual stimuli to synchronize your brain waves to frequencies that represent particular ideal mindsets.


Supported by over 70 years of study, brainwave entrainment is a valuable tool that has been used by experts, psychologists, mental health centers and instructors.


Brain entrainment is based upon the natural tendency of our mind to sync with the frequency of external stimuli. This can be an audio beat or a pulsating light source. Considered to be the more secure option, noise is more commonly employed and available as MP3 recordings.

Binaural Beats: Medication on your iPod? | ASTOUNDE.


And amongst all the brain waves music, binaural beats have been used more often. They are produced by broadcasting sound of different frequencies to each ear. The brain hears the difference in frequencies and compensates by creating a third tone that equals the difference between the two waves.


This third tone is the binaural beat that tunes the brain to certain frequencies.


Brainwave Frequencies and States of Mind


There are five main frequency ranges that brainwaves can vibrate to, each corresponding to a particular state of mind.


Lying between 13 to 39 Hz, Beta waves are associated with an active and alert mind. Concentration and arousal are high but you may experience paranoia and anxious thinking as well.


Ranging from 7 to 13 Hz are the Alpha brain waves. This mental state is linked to pre-sleep or pre-wake drowsiness, a feeling of relaxation while awake, dreaming and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and dreaming.


Next on the frequency ranges of 4-12 Hz are Theta waves. Theta meditation is one well-know experience associated with these brain waves. As are non-rapid eye movement sleep and deep relaxation. Along with alpha waves, theta waves can help an individual get over addictions such as cigarettes and alcoholism. Binaural beats for sleep is another common application.


Ranging from 0.1 to 4Hz are the high amplitude brainwave frequencies of the Delta brain waves. Dreamless sleep as well as the deepest levels of sleep are associated with Delta waves.


Lying between 25 to 100 Hz are the Gamma waves. Just like theta waves, they can be used to bring on meditation. They feature in consciousness and fear, also helping with higher mental activity and problem solving,


Binaural Beats Bring You The Brainwaves You Desire


By targeting the different brainwave states, binaural beats can make it easier for you to achieve certain behavioral outcomes. This can range from achieving more focus to attaining a meditative state, from battling an addiction to enhancing your well-being. Some can also bring your brain through different states to get to a more complex result, as in binaural beats for lucid dreaming.


Listen to them and you can tune your thoughts to the frequency and state of mind that is best for reaching your desired goals.


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