Binaural Beats Lucid Dreaming

Enjoy Lucid Dreaming with Binaural Beats



Lucid dreaming is a dream state where you are actually aware that you are dreaming and can even control the events in the dream. This amazing state can be achieved using various methods. Binaural beats is one of the more effective ways available.


Binaural beats is a form of brainwave entrainment which aims to synchronize your brain to certain brain wave frequencies that are ideal for particular states of mind. These mind states are in turn the optimum states for performing certain tasks or behaving in particular ways.


Binaural beats are produced through the broadcast of two differing sound frequencies to your right and left ear. A third frequency wave, the binaural beat, is then created by your brain which equals the difference of the two earlier frequencies. Your brain is then able to tune in to a lower frequency than what can normally be perceived.



How Binaural Beats Help Bring Lucid Dreaming On


Dreaming, waking up and sleeping are all states that are regulated by the mind which is in turn influenced by the various frequency ranges that the brain waves resonate to.


In particular, there are a few brainwave frequencies you’ll need to take note of when it comes to lucid dreaming. The first is the alpha state, a mind state where you are relaxed and conscious. The next is the Theta state during which you are asleep and dreaming. And when you go into the Delta frequencies, you fall into a deep sleep.


binaural beats lucid dreaming

To induce lucid dreaming, you need binaural beats that can activate all the different frequencies, getting you to fall asleep, bringing the dreams on before prodding your conscious mind to wake up to a degree that lets you know you are not awake but are still in a dream.


Binaural beats can synchronize your brain waves to the frequency that is ideal for lucid dreams to happen. They will bring your brain waves to the dreamless deep sleep of the Delta state followed by the dream realm of the Theta state. The next state that follows is the Alpha state when you wake up and your dreams end. Binaural beats for lucid dreaming can take you back to the Theta state before you reach the Alpha state.


So while you are still in the dreaming state with your conscious mind asleep, your subconscious mind will wake up and become aware that you are actually dreaming.


You’ll need to wear a pair of headphones when listening to the binaural beats.

If you don’t get any results on the first try, try again.


You need to practice for some time in order to be able to achieve lucid dreaming. Binaural beats ease the process but still not everyone achieves the same outcome.


Some individuals can start lucid dreaming after a few listens but others need a longer time. Just be sure to pick binaural beat recordings of good quality from a reputable and trusted source. And sooner or later, you’ll start experiencing the wonders of lucid dreaming.

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