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Why Listen to Brain Waves Music?

Our brain controls not just what’s in our body but can affect almost every aspect of our life. It influences our behavior and our reaction to events that occur in our lives, sometimes in positive ways, sometimes in negative.

brain waves music

Everyone for instance has preferences and fears which are not always logical. We may not be able to make the best use of any opportunity that crops up due to the anxieties that impede our decision-making ability as well as our mental state.

One way to manage your brain and your behavior is through brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment makes use of brain waves music to synchronize your brain waves to certain frequencies. And when your brain waves are in certain frequencies, they are more prone to particular mental states and behaviors.


Various Brainwave Frequencies and Their Behavioral Attributes

There are a few main types of brainwave frequencies. Each frequency is associated with certain states of mind as well as behaviors.


Delta Frequencies — ranging from 0.1Hz to 3.9Hz

Delta frequencies are the slowest brainwave frequencies. Infants have this brainwave pattern. If you are in a deep sleep, you’ll also be have these frequencies. You will have total lack of awareness of your body as well as your environment. Brain waves music will also work best here as you will be able to access your subconscious mind and easily. Brain wave music that targets the Delta frequency range can be used to fight insomnia, enhance sleep, improve well-being, release pain and reach a deep state of meditation.


Theta Frequencies — ranging from 4Hz to 7.9Hz

Theta frequencies occur when you are dreaming. At these frequencies, you are less self-conscious, more spiritually aware, feel more intuitive and enjoy inner peace.


Brain wave music can help you enjoy the many benefits of the Theta frequencies. They can help you relax, meditate more deeply, heal emotionally, overcome limiting beliefs or addictions, attain a higher level of consciousness, become more creative and improve your memory.



Alpha Frequencies – ranging from 8Hz to 13.9Hz

Not asleep but quite relaxed – that’s how Alpha frequencies can make you feel. It’s the feeling you get when you are lost in an activity and in the zone. Brain waves music targeting the Alpha frequencies increases your serotonin and helps in light meditation, focusing and learning.



Beta Frequencies — ranging from 14Hz to 30Hz

The most active brainwave frequencies of all. Beta frequencies are associated with cognition, motivation, alertness, arousal and concentration. Active thinking, problem solving and evaluation of information also involve these frequencies.


You can use brain waves music targeting Beta frequencies to become more alert, get motivated, make better decisions and increase your energy.



Different Forms of Brain Waves Music



There are different forms of brain wave music for brainwave entrainment.


The simplest form is monaural beats. Two tones of different frequencies are played together to produce a third and stronger beat.


A more popular type that has been used for years is binaural beats. You need to wear headphones to listen to binaural beats. These beats target frequencies below 20Hz by broadcasting two differing frequencies to each of your ears. Your brain then works out the difference between the two to produce a third frequency. For instance, playing 275Hz in the left ear and 285Hz in the right ear creates a 10Hz frequency beat.


A more recent form is isochronic tones. Equal intensity tones are played and their pulsing speed can be increased, synchronizing your brain with the rhythm of the tones.


Pick the form of brain wave music that works best for you. There are a variety you can choose from to entrain your brain to achieve the outcome you are looking for. Choose well to live well.

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