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Alpha meditation is part of the brainwave meditation technique. In the following post, you will learn more about what brainwave reflection is as well as the benefits you get out of this technique.


Depending on what you are doing — sleeping, evaluating or creating – your   brain frequencies will vary. Your brain embraces the exact same frequency of any specific frequency it is exposed to for an interval of time.


You should then choose the ideal frequency to stimulate it with and we recommend alpha waves. While alpha waves usually happen throughout sleep, meditating with this frequency and bringing the brain to pulse at the exact same speed brings you into a state of consciousness that is lies between being awake and nearly asleep. Its effect is like a god night’s sleep, revitalizing both your body and mind, but in a much shorter period of time.

alpha meditation

The advantages of alpha reflection come from being brought to that condition of near sleep. Your body and mind will still maintaining their full awareness while getting in a state of relaxation. By putting your brain in the alpha frequency constantly, alpha meditation helps you to fall asleep quickly and get a better quality of sleep.


It is easy to practice Alpha meditation strategy. Simply start by breathing deeply and slowly until you reach a state of relaxation. Focus on your breathing while doing this and listening to the audio in the background. As soon as you are relaxed, begin imagining the number ten gradually and gradually changing into the number 9 and then to the number eight and so on up until you arrive at number one.


Visualizing these numbers will activate the very part of your mind liable for the alpha frequencies. Prior to ending your session, do the counting thing once more, but this time starting from 1 and gradually going up to 10. Open your eyes as you finish counting and slowly return to reality.


Alpha meditation is a part of the brainwave meditation method. The above post details what brainwave meditation is, the benefits you get out of this method and the approach in itself. Start practicing Alpha mediation to enjoy its immense benefits.



Questions and Answers

Tell me the technique of alpha meditation?How to do that meditation.

Posted by venkata s
soonhlimSit straight but with relaxed spine & other organs. Don’t activate your mind. Let it go anywhere. Don’t try to control it. Only thing you are see its movements and dont indulge into it. By doing so, not only.
What is alpha meditation how to do that?.?

Posted by
soonhlimLook up a website called Search alpha rhythm.
How many years does it take a person to reach alpha state during meditation?

Posted by YOU have a Deficiency
soonhlimAny mode or technique of relaxation when practiced over long and regular periods of time, can lead to the alpha state. Technically, it’s a state of light-to-deep relaxation and equivalent to being in a state of hypnosis. So there are two ways to get to this point — (1) meditation practice over 20-30 minutes a days for up to 6 months, and/or (2) visualization meditation under the guidance of an instructor.The alpha state corresponds to a brain frequency of 7-14 Hz. This state is about light relaxation (as opposed to theta which is deep relaxation) and the mind is quite suggestible to new ideas and fresh thoughts. For me, progressive relaxation over sessions of 45-60 minutes per day, over 3 months, has helped to reach the alpha state of meditation.
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