Theta Meditation System

The Workings of The Theta Meditation System


The theta meditation system is brain wave music that facilitates meditation with higher levels of theta brainwaves. These heightened levels of theta waves during meditation have in fact been recorded by researchers who studied states of consciousness and brainwaves.


When you enter into deep theta meditation, you will get in touch with your innate source of healing as well as greater intuition and understanding. You will gain a wider life perspective with the expansion of your consciousness. Your energy and clarity are restored at the same time.


As a result, practitioners have experienced reduced blood pressure, lower stress, a better life outlook, greater insight and contentment and an improved immune system.


A composer, researcher and educator who has created a theta meditation system is Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. He found a way to induce the brain to create more theta waves and therefore bringing on deeper meditative states.


By working with a great number of patients, Dr Thompson has found out how brainwave entrainment can be produced by including sound wave patterns in musical sound tracks. MDs, psychotherapists, bodywork professionals in twenty-six countries have already used his sound system.


If you would like to meditate on a deeper level and enjoy a more meaningful enhancement in your life, do give the theta meditation system a go.

Theta Meditation System 2-CD set - Jeffrey Thompson

Questions and Answers

Is it good to listen to Theta Meditation – Binaural Beats?Http://… is it good for me to listen to this? Will anything bad happen?

Posted by Kai Melano
soonhlimIt depends on what you mean by “bad” and what your intention is for listening to it. It appears the purpose of these videos is to help those who utilize them to slow their brain waves down to the Theta Level. Some believe that this level of brain waves is best for having clear vision during meditation. Theta waves are associated with R.E.M. Sleep, which is also when we have active dreams. Hence, the desire to be awake and in Theta could be to see more of our dreams while cognizant of what is going on.
Does anyone know how meditation lessens stress and anger?

Posted by duma_key
soonhlimHello.I have tested and used all kinds of different mediation techniques. There are so many different meditation techniques out there, each with different focus and aim. While there are some which are based on calming the mind, there are others that are focused on building energy, clearing your chakras, higher awareness, remote viewing, healing, praying etc. Etc.Yes, there are definitely meditations that work VERY well to lower stress and anger, and yes, it can work very well, as long as it is used properly. It also depends on how well the meditation is structured, guided, spoken, relaxing.

About six years ago, I became very fond of a mediation called the Silva Centering exercise, which is a part of a bigger mediatoin seminar, called the Silva Ultramind ESP system – but you really don’t need to take the whole seminar to get the basic Centering exercise. Well, the main thing with that exercise, is that it trains your mind to go to deeper relaxation level (from beta brainwaves, to alpha or theta brainwaves) where there really is no place for stress or anger to take place – so I was quite surprised when I realized how it was working on myself. It even helped me sleep better, took away migraine headaches, and a lot more. The more I used the Silva Centering exercise, the more and longer I was able to live my life without the stresses I had, and whenever I felt I was getting too stressed about something, it was (at still is) enough for me to take about 20 minutes for this exercise, and literally transform my stressed mind into a very calm mind.

I was so impressed with this technique that I actually became an instructor for the whole seminar, where this technique is tought thoroughly, and I have witnessed a lot of experiences and stories from people who have gotten great results with many different issues they were dealing with.

If you are interested I can find a link where you can get a free audio file with the Silva Centering exercise. In fact, I am soon going to make it myself in english, since I only have it available in my local language.

But to answer your question again, YES, mediation can definitely help you with anger and stress, and it does so by helping your brain/mind to go to deeper levels of brainwaves (alpha/theta) – which also helps to quiet your mind – which of course results in bringing it to a calmer, more balanced state. Just find the right one that works best for you.

Kindest regards,

Does Theta Wave music work?Just got my hands on “Dream Wave Meditation” which is a theta wave cd. The description follows:
“Listen to Dream Wave Meditation when you want to access higher levels of consciousness. Layered within the soothing sounds of ocean waves, Theta binaural beat frequencies transport you into the twilight of waking and dream consciousness known as The Shamanic State. This profound altered state of consciousness opens the gateway to expanded realms of awareness.In The Shamanic State, dream-like imagery flashes before your mind’s and you have access to knowledge that exists beyond normal waking consciousness. As you regularly enter the mysterious theta state your mind will open to new worlds of awareness, insight and untold depths of inner peace.Dream Wave Meditation will awaken dormant areas in your brain to expand awareness and reveal powerful mysteries of your mind.

This is the perfect program to deepen your meditation, awaken psychic abilities practice Self Hypnosis, and for Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, and Dream Yoga. ”

Now, my question is, do these CDs actually work?

Posted by the3rdhero
soonhlimThe short answer is no. The system is well documented to assist induce hypnotic states, and there is value in that. If hypnotic induction is achieved then the sensation of something mystical is a real experience, but an altered state does not mean you are tapping into the great mystic universe. There is a bonus here, these audios have been shown to assist people to achieve lucid dream states. Now, that is not a mystical paranormal nonsense, but a documented and powerful state of consciousness, when applied it allows the dreamer to experience pretty much what ever they can imagine, and there is evidence emerging of strong physical benefits from lucid dream states. SO, no they will not tap you into the universe and unlock the secrets held there, but it may allow you to understand yourself better, and experience altered hypnotic states.…

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