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Never Speak Ill of Binaural Beats in My House, Woman! (Med Worm)

I have been intrigued about binaural beats for some time now without ever really diving headlong into them. I think if I’m being honest, I saw them as the lazy persons meditation, or maybe even meditation without the spiritual element. Also, when they first hit the scene commercially speaking, they were ridiculously expensive and I know people that have spent literally thousands of dollars on programs from companies such as Holosync. Having said that, people who I like, trust, and respect have been raving about their benefits for some while now and urging me to check them out.  So when Carl approached my about writing a post I thought it may be time to lower my skeptical guard and give him the platform to convince me. It's a longish post, but that's because it goes into the …

Theta Meditation System 2.0 CD

Walking the Runway at the Augmented World Expo – Chip Chick

Walking the Runway at the Augmented World ExpoChip ChickTheta or meditation is orange. Beta or consciousness is yellow-green, and Gamma is a multi sensory brain state that shines blue, purple, and red. NEUROTiQ is made of knitted and 3d printed elements embedded with Emotiv's 14 sensor brain-computer …

Mindplace Thoughtstream USB Personal Biofeedback…

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